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Lighting Services

  • Expert Lighting Design- we can work with your landscape architect, custom builder, general contractor or you the homeowner to create custom desired lighting effects. It requires a professionally trained designer to understand how much light to place on a house and what the focal points should be.
  • Professional Installation- we are a highly skilled and experienced workforce in installation. Our years of practical experience will result in a smooth and flawless job.
  • Products- we choose from the large selection of top quality equipment available in the marketplace. By utilizing such a large selection we can insure a truly custom design that will compliment your individual taste.
  • Service and Maintenance- we service what we sell as well as provide yearly maintenance agreements.
  • Clientel Satisfaction- we guarantee a beautiful design, custom installation, and a satisfied client. We are determined to make you happy. We take pride in our close relationship with each customer. From the onset to the completion of the project we will strive to provide a unique design, timely installation with truly great and long lasting results.