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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    • Most systems start at around $ 1,500.00.
    • This includes all costs for a complete installation.
  • Is there a disruption to my landscaping or property?
    • No, there is no disruption to lawn or landscaping.
    • In most instances you won’t even know we were there.
    • In shrub beds where most fixtures are located there is no disturbance.
  • How are the lights operated?
    • Transformers with timers &/or photo cells turn systems on and off automatically.
    • Systems can also be operated manually.
  • How long is the installation process?
    • Most jobs are installed in one day.
  • What does it cost to operate a landscape lighting system?
    • The average cost of electricity on a typical system is around $ 7.00/month.
  • Does the system need to be installed by a licensed electrician?
    • No, this is a 12 volt system allowing shallow depth of burial, unlike high voltage which must be buried 18” or placed in conduit (piping).
  • How does the equipment hold up in outdoor conditions?
    • 12 volt systems are designed for wet or moist outdoor conditions.
  • Are fixtures obtrusive?
    • 12 volt fixtures are generally smaller and more compact then their 120 volt cousins.
    • We design systems to create effects without the fixture becoming the focal point.
    • Where fixtures are visble, such as pathlights the wide array of choices will satisfy everybody’s taste and be aesthetically pleasing.